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THE MIDLINE» is an image, a concept and an experience, all at the same time.

Physically supported by specific structures along the body, it appears early in the embryonic stage, is essential to understanding the different phases of childhood development and is central to the complex activities that we perform as adults. Understanding how we organise ourselves around the midline can provide very powerful background knowledge in the practice of the Feldenkrais Method.

In this Advanced Training we will explore some relevant ATMs and their connection to an original and innovative FI scheme, which utilises the artificial floor in a unique, new way.

Throughout the days we will reflect on:

  • The importance of finding neutral
  • The organisation of axial rotation
  • The relationship between the eyes and the midline
  • The spine as structural support for the image of the midline
  • Movement pathways, direction and trajectory

This workshop will provide you with a fantastic addition to your repetoire and a deeper understanding of fundamental concepts, that can be applied to many other aspects of your work.

Jaime will also be available for indivdual Functional Integration lessons in the couple of days before and/or after the seminar. Please indicate your interest on the sign up form.

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